Du bist aufgeschlossen, anspruchsvoll und originell?





Hilf unseren Projektpartnern mit Deinen kreativen Ideen und nachhaltigen Lösungen, ihren gesellschaftlichen Beitrag zu maximieren. So trägst auch Du Deinen Teil für eine bessere Welt bei. 


Bei uns sammelst Du intensive Beratungserfahrung in herausfordernden Projekten. Von der Projektspezifizierung bis hin zur Abschlusspräsentation übernimmst Du Verantwortung und arbeitest im Team Lösungen für gegenwärtige Problemstellungen aus. 



Umfangreiche und professionelle Coachings vermitteln Dir das notwendige Tool-Set für eine erfolgreiche Projektarbeit. Außerdem bieten wir während des Semesters zahlreiche Workshops mit unseren Kooperationspartnern an.


Bei 180DC lernst Du interessante Studierende verschiedenster Fachrichtungen kennen, die Deine hohe Motivation und Einsatzbereitschaft teilen. Mentoren aus der Beratungsbranche unterstützen Dich und lassen Dich an ihrer langjährigen Erfahrung teilhaben.

“I do not think there is a better value-for-time volunteering experience than being a 180 Degrees Consultant. It hits multiple birds with one stone – work experience, making a difference, and professional training. Why do these things separately when you can do them simultaneously?” 

Nat Ware, CEO & Founder 180 Degrees Consulting






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For Students

Are the consultants paid for their work?

Our project partners always have a non-profit or social character. In order to do justice to our mission to create a social impact, we provide our advice on a voluntary basis. Although we are not remunerated on a monetary basis, we benefit from a strong network, professional training, an intensive club life and direct project experience, in which we get the best out of ourselves, our fellow human beings and our partners!

I do not study economics or a business-related subject. Can I still apply?

Of course. Only half of our consultants have an economic background. Our consultants also have backgrounds in engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science, psychology and humanities and social sciences. Interdisciplinarity is very important to us and is appreciated and encouraged accordingly!

How many hours do your consultants spend on average?

As our projects always go through different phases, which take up different amounts of time, this cannot be said in general terms. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that on average about 10 hours per week and per consultant are spent to make a project a success.

My project is finished. What happens next?

As soon as your first project is finished, your time with us is of course not over! You will have the opportunity to expand and deepen your leadership skills as a team manager within the framework of another consulting project. In addition, you can also get involved internally in the board to help ensure that our association remains what it already is: great.

According to which criteria do you choose?

The selection of applicants is based on the degree of suitability and motivation for working as a consultant at 180 Degrees Consulting. Various skills that we consider important for the engagement will be assessed on the basis of your written application and your personal interview. Although we also collect grades in the online application, these only play a minor role in our selection - they are mainly asked for statistical reasons.

What does your application process look like?

After the application deadline, all applications are carefully reviewed and the most promising applicants are invited for a personal interview. Based on the 90-minute interview, we then make a final selection and provide feedback within a few days.

For Organizations

Does the consulting service of my organization cost anything?

We see ourselves as social consultants - this means that we do not work for monetary incentives. As a result, we do not charge daily rates. The only thing your organization has to counteract is a small administrative fee that is not proportionate to our consulting services.

How many consulting hours does such a project consist of?

This is difficult to say in general terms. Since our consultants spend an average of 10 hours a week and there is a team of four, we can generally assume between 400 and 500 consulting hours.

My organization is not in Munich. Can I still be advised?

Of course you can! We regularly carry out projects with partners who do not come from the Munich region. Talk to us! Together we will find a way to provide you with sustainable advice.

Which topics do you deal with?

Each project is unique and tailor-made. Therefore all our topics cannot be enumerated. Examples include financing and expansion strategies, marketing concepts and impact measurements.

When should I contact you?

The sooner the better! It is a good idea to make contact several months before the start of the semester so that all further steps can be carried out in a suitable and appropriate manner. Finally, it is important to us that together we can find the place where we can advise you with the greatest success!