Our Projects

Conceptualization of an HR development concept.

Doctors of the world are active around the globe - in emergency aid in countries like Syria as well as in development aid with long-term projects. They are particularly concerned with children and women in need, people without access to health care and are involved in refugee aid. In Germany they also offer medical care and counselling for people without health insurance. Doctors of the world stands up for human rights and documents violations of them. 

Impact Investing: development of a financing strategy

Glassic aims to tackle the plastic crisis by helping reduce plastic consumption by setting up a social beverage business on the island of Koh Kood (Thailand) which sells drinking water in multi-use glass bottles. With this start-up they do not only reduce plastic pollution, but also transportation and emission costs across the supply chain. 

Conceptualisation of a social fee model to increase the social impact and enable authors to donate to social organisations

f1rstlife is an online magazine for young and innovative people who want to shape our future. People from all different countries, religions and convictions find place for their articles in f1rstlife’s context of human dignity and solidarity. f1rstlife wants to encourage young authors to engage proactively with different topics in their articles. A special focus is on reporting about social engagement.

Digitalization of the registration and order process

hey is a social business that emerges from the former Brot am Haken e.V. and motivates people to share their own luck with other people. The idea comes originally from Neapel, where people could buy a second coffee, the so called “caffè sospeso”. Anyone can take this ‘postponed’ coffee. No control, interaction on eyelevel – since 100 years. This traditional principle of sharing joy is seized by hey to poke people in bakerys, at hairdresser’s or in other cafés with their hey board. On the hey board the receipts given as a present can be found, small gestures with great effectiveness. An idea to satisfy a human need – joy.

Unser Anspruch: Social Impact in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft schaffen! 

Deshalb entwickeln wir individuelle, innovative und nachhaltige Lösungen für gemeinnützige und sozial-orientierte Organisationen, um gemeinsam mit ihnen strategische Herausforderungen zu meistern.

Development of a marketing and communication strategy to attract more volunteers

Equipo Tora Carey was founded in Costa Rica in 2016 with the vision to protect sealife. By encouraging responsible tourism, educating younger generations and empowering local community members in directing research projects, they are realizing their vision to preserve biodiversity and the unique natural habitats in Costa Rica. 

Optimization of the current logistic process and evaluation of possible alternatives to the current logistic strategy. 

Kartoffelkombinat eG is a cooperative society of about 1600 households in Munich, that grows their own vegetables together with carefully chosen partners. The vegetables grown are organic, regional and seasonal and the harvest is divided and distributed to all households on a weekly basis. It is the aim of Kartoffelkombinat to promote a sustainable, socially orientated supply structure that builds on solidarity rather than profit maximization.


SOS Children's Villages

Improvement of budget planning through automatic budget analysis

Parentless and abandoned children find a new home in the SOS Children's Village. Five to ten girls and ten boys live together with their SOS mother in a family house. Ten to 15 families form a village community. For SOS Children's Village International, our consultants developed a tool in the summer semester of 2015 for automated analysis of the costs deviating from the budget, which will guarantee a high degree of transparency in the use of donations for financing purposes in the future.

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Svenja Schäfer, Consultant

In our project for a social organization and with the help of our mentor, I gained my first consulting experience and learned how to solve challenges  with innovative ideas in the shortest possible time. Through my team and 180DC Munich I got to know interesting people who are motivated and passionated and I made new friends.

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