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Es freut uns sehr, dass Du Teil der weltweit größten studentischen Unternehmensberatung werden möchtest!

Damit wir einen Eindruck von Dir und Deinem bisherigen Lebensweg bekommen, bitten wir Dich, dieses Formular in 5 einfachen Schritten auszufüllen. Deine Daten behandeln wir selbstverständlich vertraulich. Das Semester wird trotz der COVID-19 Pandemie normal durchgeführt (je nach Infektionslage & Vorschriften hauptsächlich in einem Remote-Setting).


Hinweis: Wir können ausschließlich Bewerbungen berücksichtigen, die vollständig auf Englisch eingerecht werden
(d.h. inkl. Lebenslauf & Antworten in Textfeldern).

Wir würden uns freuen, wenn wir Dich bei den Interviews sehen.

Ein wichtiger Hinweis, bevor Du mit der Bewerbung startest:
Nach einer gewissen Zeit läuft das Formular ab und es kann zu Problemen beim Einreichen Deiner Bewerbung kommen. Wir empfehlen Dir deshalb, alle Antworten in einem Textdokument zu sichern, bevor Du Deine Bewerbung einreichst.


First, please enter your name, your contact details and your study background. Please also upload your resume as a PDF file. Please do not include a picture in your CV, but upload your picture separately.

 Please do NOT use special characters such as ä,á,à,â, etc.
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To get to know you better and to understand your motivation, please answer the following questions with

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1. There are many ways to get involved. Why exactly did you choose 180 Degrees Consulting?

2. Social progress is supported by people who work beyond their own interests. What do you strive for and what motivates you to do so?

3. Where have you been able to create social or ecological impact so far?

4. Which skills empower you to become a 180DC consultant and how would you like to develop? 

5. What else should we know about you and your motivation? (optional)

6. I am able to conduct a project in German, English or Both languages. All interviews will be conducted in English.


Please indicate your time availability for our interviews and onboarding events.

Our interviews take place on a total of three different dates. Please indicate here when you have time. A multiple selection is possible. This semester's interviews will be conducted remotely. If you have further comments, please write us in the section below.

In addition, our kick-off event and team weekend will take place at the beginning of the semester. As the goal of these events is to onboard, train & prepare you for your time at 180DC Munich, your participation in these events is mandatory. Again, please indicate if you have time.

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For statistical purposes, we also ask you to answer the following questions briefly. Your answer has no influence on the evaluation of your application.

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Please let us know your Abitur/High-School and Bachelor final grades, if available (use dot for decimals, e.g. 1.0).


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If you would like to tell us anything else, you can leave us a message below.

After the application deadline we will review all applications received and inform you of our decision 
(expect it to be April 27th/28th). We are looking forward to welcoming you soon!

Important: After clicking on Submit, the button turns grey. Please wait a while, because the upload of your CV and your data may take some time. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail after the upload, we recommend that you check your spam folder and use a different browser if necessary. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

For users with "" or educational addresses e.g. "": If you do not get a confirmation email, please contact us at to confirm your application.

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Svenja Schäfer, Beraterin

In unserem Projekt für eine soziale Organisation und mithilfe unseres Mentors habe ich erste Beratererfahrung gesammelt und gelernt, Herausforderungen in kürzester Zeit mit innovativen Ideen zu lösen. Durch mein Team und 180DC Munich habe ich neben der Uni interessante Menschen mit viel Motivation und Leidenschaft kennengelernt und Freundschaften geschlossen.

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